Crafting Your Acting Career with Artistic Director Lawrence Bierria

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Course Description

Dear Unstopable Actor, 

        If you are reading this then you are looking to take your acting career to the next level in the most affordable and fun way. Truth is, this particular acting class is designed to do just that! My workout classes focus on 3 core elements every actor needs to master to be at the top of their game at all times; AUDITIONING, MINDSET and COMMUNITY! Truth be told I come across hundreds of actors when holding self-tape and live auditions who are ill prepared and do not understand what casting is looking for in the role they are auditioning to receive. Nothing makes me more excited then to see an actor who really takes advantage of the opportunity to do what they love and is professional about it! As someone who started as an actor, I can advocate for the hard work, dedication and determined mindset it takes to fulfill those urges to create. Who knew five year into my acting career, after finding the perfect balance of mindset and community, I would be coaching Emmy winners? 

    I started my three week on camera workouts because I wanted to create something that I didn't have when I began my journey; a creative space for actors to expand on skills and foster their raw talent…a place to stretch out, take risks, have fun, book jobs and learn. I am happy to partner my acting classes with Alamo Shakespeare Company to provide actors with a learning opportunity you cannot receive at your typical acting studio.  

This three week course is designed to help you meet the current demands of having to turn an audition around in 24 hours or less and provide you with a community where you can develop a system for creating callback worthy live and self-tape auditions that seamlessly transition into the practical work you will receive as an actors. Included is a private career evaluation with me where we will formulate a plan that prepares you for when the industry is back up to full speed. In class we will be will be "working out" our cold-readself-tape audition and callback muscles using materials from popular shows like Law and Order and plays like The Glass Menagerie and, of course, Shakespeare. We will also discuss how to find auditions, professionalism and preparation as well as signing with agents and managers (with the potential of there being a surprise guest or two from national agencies). Upon completion of your three day workout you will be admitted into to the ASC Actors Collective. The ASC Actors Collective is a private Facebook group specifically designed for students who complete a workout and wish to continue training though ASC. There, you will be able to access free private q&a sessions, free acting tools, class playbacks, discounted classes, workshops, and more! (Its like a scene study class but better, from the comfort of your own home and partnered with a producing theater!)

Workouts take place once a week for three weeks on either: 

Mondays 7-10pm, Fridays 7-10pm or Wednesdays 11am-2pm CST

We like to maintain a more personal and safe environment to take risk, therfore we do not allow audits at this time. However, we offer sample play backs if you want to get a feel for the class before hand.

Registration for all classes are open until 24 hours before the first class for that session and are limited to 12 actors. A headshot and resume is required to participate. If you do not have a headshot and resume you will be refunded your money. We use google meet for our virtual classes and you will receive a link to the google meet 24 hours before class. Workouts sell out fast. There are only 10 spots left for our September Career Kickstarter Workouts.

Workouts are $165 $50 per session (materials and all days included)

Workout material from popular TV shows, plays and films will be assigned based of off your headshot and resume. All classes take place over google meet. 

You may pay it all upfront or contract us for one of our pandemic friendly payment plans.

*Payment plans are available! If you are in need of these special accommodations or have any other questions or concerns please send all inquiries to with "FAQ" as the subject. Your work in this class will be used as formal auditions for Alamo Shakespeare Company. However, your participation in this class does not guarantee you a job with Alamo Shakespeare Company or any other producing theatre or production company. Your success is 100% determined by the work that you put in after this class or any other class for that matter.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon

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