Learn how to leave lasting impressions with Teaching Artist Nick Hone

Week One: We will discuss the general requirements for most professional and higher education auditions (Classic/Contemporary, Dramatic/Comedic, time restrictions) then go into working on dramatic monologues of each participant. We will discuss the importance of maintaining a narrative thread in a monologue, and what makes a monologue package good.


Week Two: We will work on dramatic monologues and discuss the aspects and history of drama onstage, and how those can be interpreted in a dramatic monologue.


Week Three: We will work on comedic monologues and finish any dramatic work that we weren’t able to get to in week two. We will discuss the aspects of comedy onstage, and how those can be interpreted in a comedic monologue.


Week Four: Mock auditions for participants, modeled after professional virtual auditions. Participants will receive notes on their performances and time permitting we will do some cold read work.


Class will take place once a week for four weeks on Tuesdays 3pm-5pm

This class is limited to 12 participants.

Registration for all classes are open until 24 hours before the first class for that session. 

This class is open to ages 16+

Classes are $50 and your student receives a two hour interactive class held weekly for four weeks. 

 Payment plans are available in the form of either:

$17 a week/per class 


$25 a month for two months

if you are in need of these special accommodations or have any other questions or concerns please send all inquiries to with "FAQ" as the subject. 

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