ASC Acting Studio is a film, tv and theatre studio founded by the  Alamo Shakespeare Company. We foster actors by providing assistance  in hurdling obstacles throughout their acting career with workshops, career coaching and community. 

About our studio

 At ASC we like to #keepitreal, meaning:  bring yourself, be yourself and really focus on the work. We would like to see our actors book jobs in TV, Film and Theater and in order to help you open doors, we offer a no-nonsense, simple, direct approach based on finding the dream in and you.  Upon completion our Industry Masterclass, you will be added to our private membership news letter where we follow you throughout your career providing access to industry expertise that only studio members receive. As a member of ASC Studios you will be able to engage with national castings calls, Q and A playbacks, live video chats with studio professionals, access to The Alamo Shakespeare Co. Residency Lab, Free Coaching Sessions and VIP courses, networking events and more! No Annual Fee Required just take our Industry Masterclass, subscribe to our news letter and you're in.

   Our Approach

We will fine-tune technique in order to free the actor from tension and build trust in the instrument . Every actor is unique, and our approach focuses on inspiring actors to put their stamp on their performances by creating complex, moment to moment, honest emotionally, and physically connected characters. We combine that with a practical understanding of the entertainment business and a strong sense of community. We believe you are responsible for the results in your career. If you want different results then you have to adapt your thoughts and actions to reflect your goals

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